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Here you can find the complete and up-to-date list of our products.


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Pumpkin and Saffron Cream

Ideal for soft cheese, or cottage cheese.
Made with 100% italian products.
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Sweetness of Saffron and Honey

Ideal for all types aged cheese, desserts, cream icecream.
Made with 100% italian products.
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Saffron Pasta (Tagliolini)

Thanks to a carefull and scrupulous selections of the best ingredients we get a Tagliolino with an extraordinary and unmistakable favor, made with the best semolina, all made exclusively with artisan technics.
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Salsa del Barone

Tucceri Cimini’s family hands down from generations the recipe of this souce.
Made with the best italian products like tomatoes, sweet red onions of Tropea, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, chili, Acacia honey… and a secret ingredient.
Taste it!
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Salsa di Nonna Carmela

Grandma Carmela and her souce: fire & flames!
Made with the best italian products like fresh tomatoes, garlic, sardine, chili and some other mysterious ingredients… very hot!!!
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Whisky’s Caviar

Caviar made with the finest whisky. Delicate smoky taste.
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Sweetness of Saffron, Truffle and Honey

Ideal for all types aged cheese, desserts, cream icecream.
Made with 100% italian products.


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Saffron Gin
Extraordinary blend of ancient tradition, fragrances and flavors have merged in a natural way giving life to a product of extraordinary delicacy.
The deep yellow color and the very soft taste are released only by saffron (no added flavorings and colorings).
It is an extremely genuine product. Obtained from the infusion of saffron stigmas in gin.
All the ingredients are carefully selected.
The Saffron Gin can be considered a high-class product dedicated and recommended to real connoisseurs.
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Italian typical liquor
Tipical liqueur from Abruzzo, Italy.
It is obtained from sour cherries and the Montepulciano D’abruzzo wine.
Gustus respects the original recipe of “Mamma Annina”, the great-grandmother Anna Tucceri Cimini (XVIII century).


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Amarone d.o.c.g.

"Great wine that comes from a careful selection of grapes, which, after drying and subsequent crushing, are left in oak barrels for about 3 years.
It goes well with game meat, roasted meat and seasoned cheeses, it is excellent between meals sipped in happy company. We recomended to serve it in large crystal glasses at a temperature of 18-20 ° C"
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Barbera d’Alba D.o.C.

Barbera 100%. After crushing and racking at the end of fermentation, the wine is aged in wooden barrels for 12 months and bottled in the second winter after the harvest. It presents intense and deep colours, with fresh and vibrant scents. It’s perfect with first courses and important main courses of meat.
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Barolo d.o.c.g.

Wine made from Nebbiolo grapes. After the first step of pressing and racking the wine it is placed in wooden barrels, some new and some of second passage. Decanted once a year, after 24 months is assembled in cement tanks where, it rests for about six months for a further natural stabilization, before being bottled during the summer. It ages in the bottle for further six months before being release in the market. It presents a garnet colour, intense aroma and elegant flavour. It goes perfectly with main courses of meat, braised and game. Ideal to join cheese.
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Chianti Colli Senesi RISERVA d.o.c.g. BIO

Sangiovese 100% made from certified organic grapes. Vinified in stainless steel tanks It then undergoes malolactic fermentation in barrels of French oak of 2nd passage, with short contact with the lees, then aged for 12 months in French oak barrels of 225 L and further 180 days in bottle before being released on the market. It shows an intense ruby red colour, a fruity with scents of berries, well balanced, elegant body with a long finish, with good tannic structure. It goes well with meat dishes, cold meats, cheeses.
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Chianti Colli Senesi d.o.c.g. BIO

Sangiovese 100% obtained from certified organic grapes. Vinified in stainless steel tanks It then undergoes malolactic fermentation in French oak barriques of 2nd passage. After that it’s aged for another 9-12 months in oak barrels and another 90 days in the bottle before being released on the market. It shows an intense ruby red colour, a fruiyt aroma with scents of berries, well balanced with a long finish. It goes well with meat dishes, cold meats, cheeses.
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Langhe Rosse

100 % Rossese grape. After the pressing process is left to ferment and rest on the lees until June of the year following the harvest. It fits perfectly with fish , particularly with shellfish, but also with seasoned cheese. Best served at a temperature of 12 ° C.
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Pinot Grigio I.g.t.

"It’s a pale yellow wine. After a soft pressing of grapes, it follows a fermentation under controlled temperature in steel vats for 10/15 days. Excellent as an aperitif, it goes well with all the dishes with fish and white meat. Serve it at a temperature of 10-12° C"
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Soave d.o.c.

"Excellent as an aperitif, this wine goes well with first courses, light meals and fish..
Serve it at a temperature of 10-12° C."
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Valpolicella Ripasso d.o.c.

"It is a wine that goes well with grilled meat, roasted meat, game meat and cheese. It is refined in barrique for 8 months and then aged in oak barrels.
It gives its best when served at a temperature of 18-20° C in large crystal glasses."
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Valpolicella d.o.c.

"It is a wine that goes well through both with first and main courses.
It gives its best when served at a temperature of 16-18°C."


TC GUSTUS, thanks to a collaboration with Flavio Tognon, whisky connoisseur and expert, offers an extremely refined spirits’ selection. The research of enthusiasm, aroma and taste is at the maximum level.
If you are interested in a customized, limited and exclusive editions of the best Scottish Whisky’s Producers, please CONTACT US.


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Bowmore 12

A marine, sharp and well defined scent, perfumes of seaweed that blend with the sweetness of the barrel’s wood.
With a small addition of water, peat and a salty taste emerge.
Sweet and round with an intense aftertaste of salt air and sea.
Bowmore without compromise.
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Bowmore 14

Sweet and delicate is the hint of peat. From a distance, like the flight of a seagull driven by the wind from the sea, iodine, salt and scent of seaweed can be perceived.
The vanilla frame with a little Christmas pudding scent; cinnamon sprinkled on rich honeyed fruit.
A light smoke ... the old barrel is always present.
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Bunnahabhain 24

Immediate and direct, it strikes with its fragrant harmony.
The marked opening notes of honey and salt alternate with sweet malt and spicy scents.
Thick and oily on the palate with a persistent aftertaste of toffee.
Ripe and flawless.
A dram suitable anytime.
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Clynelish 18

In the warehouse of the great scottish distilleries, by selecting with care and deep knowledge ancient barrels, you can find extraordinary whiskeys with an extremely high quality.
It rarely happens to be able to enjoy a product like this "Clynelish”. It can only be defined in one way ... it's fantastic!
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Glenturret 18

A sweet malt flavor caresses the taste buds accompanied by a white bread soaked in sweet milk.
Vigorous and strong as a north wind on a cold winter morning.
juice with pulp and peel accompanied by a light earthy touch, thyme scent.. lovely combinations, which are unique in their kind.
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Kilchoman 5

Color: golden honey.
Smell: typical mild peat aroma, lemon and pear drops.
Taste: sweetness first, soft peat smoke and ripe fruit notes.
The finish is long and clean with peat smoke and then soft citrus scent.
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Longmorn 21

In this bottle we encounter a product of true and great complexity and balance, subtle but powerful. The peat smoke is light and velvety with heady floral notes, wet and happy moss: delicate and round, warm with sweet molasses and vanilla scent.
This Speyside will certainly not fail to create a magical moment.
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Macduff 32

An excellent cask of this mysterious and little known distillery, a succession of sweet and dry flavors.
First, the complex of spices and cereals, then the onset of fruity and vanilla harmonies with net hints of toffee, chocolate and smoky honey.
On the palate it maintains and amplifies the promised perfumes matured in sherry and it presents itself particularly rich and creamy. A surprising and complex dram, wonderfully aged for 32 years. A rare pearl of the Northern Highlands with a great personality .. you will not forget.
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Tobermory 18

The malt is sweet and velvety; distant in time is the iodine hint: the soft scent of fruit and the hint of mint is delicate. Fresh and light is the aroma of peanut butter placed on a toast, carried by the wind shaking the leafy foliage of a green oak.
Feelings of bamboo, rubber smell.
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Tullibardine 21

Immediate recall to the American Bourbon notes left in over 20 long years from the barrel in which it aged.
The taste is pleasant and delicate with a prevalence of citrus, vanilla and cherries scent.
A small addition of water allows the whisky to perfectly amalgamate exalting the citrus complex and highlighting the refreshing mint and dried flowers flavors. On the final dried fruit, nuts and lemon scent can be perceived.
Perfect for long winter conversations in front of the fireplace.


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Made with a selected Italian Dry Sparkling Wine. You just have to open it and taste it. Bring the typical happy hour from Milan directly at home!
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The perfect cocktail for your Happy-hour, it joins perfectly with different kind of nibbles, from cheese to vegetables. It’s your refreshing cocktail for the best parties.